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How to Play Mega Moolah

If you ask slot fans to name their favorite progressive slot, it won’t take long before someone mentions Mega Moolah. This online slot is the source of the biggest jackpot wins in casino history. It is for this reason that the game has something of legendary status. The slot is a product of the Microgaming company, a highly respected name in the online gaming world. It is one of their leading names and is still widely popular to this day, several years after its release.

The main thing that attracts the majority of platers is a progressive jackpot that reaches millions at times. Even if you don’t take into account the potential size of the jackpot, you can win up to x10,000 times your stake in the main game. So there are winning spins even if you don’t leave as a mega-winner.

The most important specs of the progressive jackpot at Mega Moolah:

  • Minimum size: $1,000,000;
  • Number of wins landed so far: 48;
  • Average jackpot: $6,010,139;
  • Max jackpot: $18,915,721;
  • Minimum prize: $1,013,791; and
  • Average time to issue: 8 weeks 3 days.

Please note that all the game versions are connected to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot: classic Mega Moolah variation, Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah Isis, and Mega Moolah Five-Reel Drive. Also, during certain periods, the Mega Moolah jackpot could be won at different slots.

Here are some of the machines that are part of the Mega Moolah chain and take their jackpots from the general prie pool:

  • Classic Mega Moolah machine – connected to the jackpot “network” in November 2006;
  • Mega Moolah Five-Reel Drive – connected to the jackpot in January 2009;
  • Summertime – joined the jackpot “family” in May 2009;
  • Mega Moolah Isis – joined the jackpot “network” in August 2009;
  • Lord of the Rings – joined the jackpot in 2011 (the game is no longer available); and
  • The Dark Knight – joined the jackpot in July 2012 (the game is no longer available).

If you are going to play the Mega Moolah slot for the first time, then we recommend that you check the following characteristics of the game:

  • Special symbols – you should know what every symbol means and what function it performs. For example, there are scatter and wild symbols in the Mega Moolah slot. They activate the bonus game and can multiply your win. Note that they look like;
  • Paytable – apart from having an idea of the symbol range and its work, we recommend that you keep your slots paytable open when you play the slot game. Thus, you will know the monetary value of every icon;
  • Winning combinations – pay special attention to the winning combinations at the Mega Moolah slot to know how much every combination is worth;
  • Bet range – the Mega Moolah slot allows for a wide range of bets. So make sure that you know the exact min’s and max’s at the game in order to plan your gaming budget smartly;
  • Prize pool – the Mega Moolah game doesn’t come with a fixed jackpot. The top prize is highly dependent on a prize pool, which is dynamic and changes with every bet you make.

Of course, the most effective way to land a massive win at the MegaMoolah slot is to test out the game for free, run a couple of test rounds, and make real money bets once you feel confident in the game. The above casinos offer great bonuses and give you a chance to save your money and use bonus chips in the game.

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